some plantings in

waylaid recently, but we finally got the tomatoes, peppers and last of the big onions planted.
~240lbs of worms/worm poo from 10 bins used up, looked great:
getting kinda lonely in here with only a few bins left to start up the next year's supply.
the tomatoes all had layers of worms/worm poo put underneath them, we'll see how they do this year. last year i didn't have enough ready to put out until later in the season and it was put on top in holes in between the plants. with the layering this year i'm hoping the plants will do even better. where we put them was in quite hard clay that hadn't been used as a veggie garden in quite a few years. so the soil should be fertile anyways. still the worms won't hurt.
flowers are blooming and weeding and other things have kept me busy. the strawberries are starting to ripen. need to get out and do more weeding, was almost caught up on that and then was sidetracked by social life and family events. the back strawberry patch needs a lot more work, but will have to wait until after i finish up the rest of the planting. we have a few cucumber plants to put in and then i have a few thousand sq ft of beans to plant in various gardens. when i get those done then i can get back to that patch and start adding even more organic materials to it and get any bare spots planted with beans. that should help, if the chippies don't get them.
pea pods, swiss chard, onions, garlic, etc. all doing well with the sunshine and rains, not quite as much rain this week as we need so i will be out watering and talking to the birdies. the killdeer has four eggs in her nest. she's quite tame compared to her partner. we can work in the gardens all around her and she'll stand over her eggs, but she doesn't waste energy calling and fluttering playing the injured bird and trying to lure us away from her nest. her partner is a bit more noisy, but i think he too is gradually figuring it out. thank goodness, at 7am i don't want a bird screetching at me when i'm trying to get an early start on the day. which won't be today... :)
added more pictures at the flower page:
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