Rosemary and Green Onion babble.

Hi All,
Just some small black thumb gardening talk:
I have been watering my rosemary plant more and it
has seems to give me better cooking sprigs. I
use some to cook pork chops. I have yet to
try chicken.
Is watering all there was to it?
I cut off the seed balls from my green onions (scallions)
as a Songbird directed me. That left two foot long
open at the top 1/2" tubes. The plants just stayed
that way for two weeks. Then a couple of thunderstorms
filled the tubes with water and nasty looking
things took up residence in the tubes. So I cut the
tubes off down by the base where they were solid.
Then something wonderful happened. This week I go out
and the plants had all sprung up two foot leaves.
A lot of them. And the winds had blown a few over.
Since they were not doing the plant any good that
way, I harvested them. Had some for breakfast.
This is marvelous. I thought the plant would just
slowly die, having flowered. And being that
I have trouble getting regular onions to bulb (too
short a growing season) and these things grow all
winter long, they may be the perfect substitute
for regular onions until I get regular onions
figured out.
Life is good. Thriving, not just surviving.
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T wrote: ...
knocking the stalks over after cutting the flower heads off will prevent that.
when the onions stalks start falling over on their own that is usually a sign that bulbing onions are mostly ready. it is happening here now and the onions aren't all that big compared to other years but i'll just tell Mom to use those first as they happen.
we eat a lot of onions.
i'm learning too as we go along.
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On my yellow onions, I have been pulling out the runs and using them like green onions. It is occurring to me if I can't get the overwinter bulb onions right, I might as well just grown green onions!
I saute my onions in butter, then serve them with some kind of meat or in a salad. I also sprinkle them over chicken when I am cooking chicken. They are too string to server raw. The give you an ice cream headache, without the ice cream!
Looked up walking onions after you mentioned them. The bulbs are above ground? That I have to see!!! Which ones are you growing?
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T wrote: ...
these aren't walking onions, they are bulb onions which were not planted deeply enough, i think that is mostly why they didn't get very big this year. we sure had plenty of sunshine and i watered them regularly. also the garden soil they were planted in was pretty good. they're still rather green and perhaps those that haven't fallen over yet will continue growing and getting bigger. they are called Kelsae Giant Sweet onions. i've had some pretty big before (over 8 inches across), but this year most of them are going to be only 5 or so inches. we buy them as already started plants so they get put in when we plant the rest of the starts from the green- house towards the end of May. they would likely do better if they were put in a few weeks or maybe even a month earlier.
our late summer weather is often not very dry out there so getting them from the gardens and cured well enough for longer term storage is a challenge. it often happens that we just have to eat them up. we make some big pots of onion soup or onion mushroom soup and then freeze portions of that to eat through the winter or they can get used in other things.
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