pepper seeds question

Hi All,
I wanted t collect seeds from my Anaheim (California)
peppers this year.
1) Do I need to wait till the peppers get red on
the vine before harvesting? Or is a touch or
red okay to pick and harvest the seeds?
2) I was planning on leaving the seeds on a paper
plate to thoroughly dry out, them placing them
in a plastic zip lock bag. Will that work?
Many thanks,
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T wrote:
when outside is wrinkled.
remove seeds and put them on paper to dry, not in the sun, stir once in a while to make sure they all get completely dry. it may take a while to be sure.
they have to be completely dry before putting them into plastic. store in the fridge in a well sealed container. when taking them out to plant remove them from the fridge and let them come up to room temperature before opening the container. or if you only want a few open the container quickly, remove the seeds you want and put the top back on and put them immediately back into the fridge.
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