Garlic, Onions and first harvest

Hi All,
We had some warm weather earlier this week and my garlic
had a growth spurt. They are now 6 to 8 inches tall.
So I figured it was time to plant my yellow onions
balls from Wally World. Spread out a bunch of fertilizer
and dug it in.
The soil felt wonderful to the touch!
And to my surprise, the green onions (scallions) I have
in my feral bin are not 1 to 18 inches tall. Today we
had some snow, that I went out and harvested any green
onions branches/leaves that had bent over in the snow.
And the snow will be a perfect snow watering of my onions.
So, my first harvest this year was in the snow!
My berry plants are starting to get some new leaves too.
I have a good feeling about this year!
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T wrote:
much better than rocky alkaline soil. :) i'm glad the efforts have been paying off. :)
i hope everything goes well! :)
the ground is not frozen here, but we are still getting plenty of below freezing nights. i won't be planting anything much for a few more weeks and then whatever i do plant will have to be cold tolerant. so i will put in some early peas and see if they'll start. as usual i'm excited to have new peas and beans to plant.
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Every so often, it sneaks below 32F now-a-days. But the ground is not frozen. The recent snow the temp hit 34F. My favorite type of snow. No traffic accidents because it melts when it hits the roads.
Perfect for my garlic.
Interesting, the green onions from the store I planted in my feral bin and not all nice and bunched together like in the store, but wild and everywhere, worse than an onion. Make me wonder how the stores made them so pretty looking. The taste the same though
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