first harvest

Nice first harvest. What do you use them for? Topping on a salad or do you use them for seasoning? My kohlrabi is about ready for harvest. The bulbs are about 4" across and I can't wait to slice them up and eat them.
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First, saying they are strong is an understatement.
I usually cook with them. If I am at home for several days and have no risk of gassing a customer, I will eat them raw with a piece of Gouda cheese. My eyes water. I can only eat about 1-1/2 inch at a sitting. The whole house stinks for days.
Fresh garden garlic is a treat beyond description!
I can't wait to dig mine up and see if they are purple or pink. If they are purple, I have succeeded in my battle with alkaline soil.
My plants are YUGE too! This is the first good crop in about three years. I have a black thumb. I use to kill everything before meeting the guys on this group.
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