Biennial plants for seed production

I have a couple dozen Macomber Rutabaga plants in the greenhouse,
started from seed last fall. The greenhouse is attached to the house,
with barrels of water under the benches to moderate temperature
swings, but NOT heated.
This winter, lowest GH temp was 8F, when outside (upstate NY) hit -2F,
and the rutabaga plants looked unhappy, but recovered nicely from that
and a few other less extreme lows; they're now growing nicely.
Question: since the plants never really went dormant, will they
flower/set seed when planted out in a few weeks? I'm hoping so,
because the current batch of seed is getting old, and I need to
refresh my stock-the roots are very nice eating!
Follow-up question: what forums are out there for seed saving? What I
found on Dave's garden isn't very active, and Seed Saver's exchange
dropped theirs during a web site "upgrade."
I sent a "ping" to the Yahoo heirloom group, but not much hope there.
Sorry, "Thrones" fans: SPRING is coming!
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Gary Woods
it is hit or miss now, i suspect everyone has gone to youtube, facebook and amazon in an attempt to monetize it or something like that.
have you searched on-line for a fresh source of seeds in case yours don't produce?
i'm guessing they'll flower.
here are three other places you can try which are my three other gardening places to hang out.
formatting link
formatting link
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the last one does not get a huge amount of traffic but it contains a ton of historically interesting threads along with pointers to places that perhaps may be able to help you out further. :)
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