ping Songbird: onion seeds

Hi Songbird,
These are what my green onion flowers look like now.
They are 2 to 3" balls. Is it time to shot off the
top 12"?
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T wrote:
i'd let them go a bit longer, when those green pods start splitting open then you will see some black seeds. that is when i normally would cut off the flower head and put it in a box top to finish drying.
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T wrote: ...
onions are normally biennials (takes two years to go from seed to seed).
sometimes you can get bits of the plant to keep growing longer and splitting off more bulbs but it may not persist for forever so keep some seeds from each season and plant a few to keep the plant line going if you value it. :)
it seems i mostly grow bunching onions here as bee forage and entertainment and decoration. for some reason i have a block on harvesting and eating them. i just don't know what to do with these plants and i don't cook with them at all right now. i need to sometime i just don't actually get around to it. :) haha, people can be funny creatures. :) ...
in this case with these particular bunching onions i think it is because they are so different from what i expected that i really should (and have tried) to get a different kind going too - one's that i'd actually eat.
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