Eating rosemary?

Hi All,
My rosemary bush does not produce those nice rosemary
stems you get in the grocery store. But instead,
nasty tasting, bark like leaves.
Is there a special type of rosemary plant your for eating/cooking? I
think I may have planted an
ornamental bush.
Am I missing something?
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T wrote:
where is it located? like is it in a very hot location next to a wall that reflects heat and light or does it get any shade or ?
i'm not all that familiar with growing it but perhaps others can be helped by you providing more details. ;)
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On Mon, 22 Jun 2020 08:02:57 -0400, songbird wrote:
There are a LOT of rosemary varieties out there. Some have very stiff branching, and other have moderate to soft branching. The latter is what I prefer to grow for culinary use.
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Boron Elgar
I find wandering the suburb and testing what I see on my travels gives me a much better idea of what I want. When I see what I want my next trip is with a pair of secateurs and a door knock to take a cutting. I haven't been refused yet
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