ping songbird: stirup hoe

Hi Songbird,
That you for the stirup hoe recommendation. I got
me a Jonhnny Appleseed five incher.
Before I water and the ground is still dry, I give
my weeds a hair cut. And the purslane, which been a
weed and requiring disturbed soil, loves the results.
And the Dandelions keep coming back, but smaller
and smaller each hair cut.
I had about given up.
Oh and the strirup hoe is a perfect upper body
exercise and lowers my blood glucose by
about 15 points.
Plus IT IS FUN TO KILL WEEDS with the thing.
The garden weeds have been paying a heavy
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T wrote: ...
i'm glad it is working out. the best tool is one that you will use. :)
i keep up a lot of gardens by using one and for a bare dirt garden or even for stirring some of the mulches it works as it should. we have two of them now because i bought one for Mom when it was on sale for $8.
i do still have to remove some weeds here or there, but for the most part i leave them to dry out on the surface and to become worm food.
we're now getting into crab grass season to where if i've missed any it will have seeds on it so if i'm trying to reduce the population i have to remove the chopped off weeds to the weed pile where the birds can pick at them and eat the seeds if they'd like.
and yes, we also have a lot of purselane which i have to keep after, but if you stir it and the sun is out it will eventually give up. just have to make sure to get it before it starts setting seeds. i wish i could get the regular moss roses of the various colors to grow here as well as the purselane, but it has not ever worked out that well. at least they are both edible in an emergency.
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I eat the purslane. And I want it out there to keep the dust and weeds down.
Purslane taste like watercress. And it great in salads or as garnish for steaks, etc.. And it is a Keto free food. Plus it has extraordinary nutrition creds.
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