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Hi All,
Is it better to buy seeds or these guys
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My last attempt at onion seeds failed three times.
Do I presume correct that these are "over winter"?
Many thanks,
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T wrote:
in your climate and soil it is probably hard due to water being too limited. not that you need the place where you put the seeds to be soaking wet all the time, but you do want it to be moist and it may take a while (a week or two even).
i would start the seeds in small pots and have those enclosed to keep the moisture from easily escaping.
looks like it.
note there are some pretty good links provided there about how to grow onions. a regular watering, and good soil/nutrients. for your T2 you may wish to avoid the sweet onions anyways.
i have had good luck growing onions here but i usually grow them in worm compost and they do great, but we also have fairly good rains which help a lot with onions.
what i haven't had much luck with so far are the green onions so just this past week i had a garden friend send me some bunching onions to try out and i planted them before we went on vacation. just got back last night so i haven't had a chance to check on them, but i think they'll be ok. i have seeds for them and another variety to try so we'll see how those go. the seeds are better planted here in the early spring. in pots and transplanted are the nicest results because then you can space and place them exactly where you want them.
the other approach to onion seeds is to plant them in row and run a rake through the seed line to spread them back and forth and then after they sprout and grow for a week or two to come back and thin them out to space them even better.
for big onions you want them spaced far enough apart that they don't shade or compete with each other for moisture/nutrients.
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