Radish and onion review

Hi All,
Imai Early Yellow Onion:
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Claim to fame: large onions, over winter.
Three plantings: 1) late fall, 2) early spring, 3) late spring
Zero germination.
Bora King, Hybrid Korean Radish (purple):
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Big Time, Hybrid Korean Radish (white) (had larger blue seeds ):
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Claim to fame: LARGE!
Two plantings: 1) early spring, 2) late spring
About one in seven germinated. Only about one is three survived.
Taste: hot and nasty. A tiny bit made my stomach start to hurl.
Vegetable Spaghetti squash:
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Claim to fame: fun!
Planted early spring
100% germination
Three plants: five medium squash on one; one large on
another; one large on the third.
Comment: takes way to long to ripen and not worth the
effort to grow; small yield
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T wrote: ...
pretty much all summer squash/cucumbers are likely to be in similar straits in an arid climate. if you have plenty of water they'll be good producers, but of course it also helps to have native bees around for pollination.
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T wrote:
Sorry to hear about your back luck with the germination and the poor showing on the squash.
Kitazawa seeds has a couple of lettuce and a few other varieties that I like and can't find elsewhere, but I've pretty much given up ordering from them.
Their prices and shipping costs make their seeds more expensive than most other vendors. I wish they'd offer smaller seed packages at a lower cost. Lettuce and onion seeds usually aren't reliable after the first year, and sending 500+ lettuce seeds in each package means most are tossed out since I'm only growing for myself and a neighbor.
It's certainly not a frugal option despite the hard-to- find varieties.
Nyssa, who except for her blueberry crop had another lost year in her garden
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