Picking the peas

Picked a big bucket of peas yesterday and shucked them. Went out this morning about 0800 and Lo! got about half a bucket. Darned things ripened in the dark. Right now I have two quarts of peas in a covered container in the refrigerator. Reckon I will rinse them off, let them dry and then put them on a bun tray in the freezer for a couple of hours then vacuum bag them for later cooking. Still have half a pot I cooked late last week and they were right tasty. I think I need to get some pork to go in the pot though. That's the true Louisiana/SE Texas way to cook crowder peas in my family.
We were very close to 100F yesterday afternoon and it is going to be hotter today. I have the AC cranked down a bit more just to keep the heat out of the house. We actually had .44 inches of rain last week, what happened to all those happy rain clouds of the week before. Now we're having to water our raised beds but we're doing it at night to avoid rapid drying. Seems to be working well.
The !@#$% mocking birds are still trying to get our figs so I have to build a frame around the tree far enough out the mockers can't get to it. This morning I found a mocker pecking a tomato, I may have to get out the air rifle too. I don't mind the occasional foray into the garden but this mocker seems to think our garden is its larder.
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