peas :)

i planted them so i can refresh my seed
stock and to have more to give away. it's
pretty hard to do when you want to stand
there and eat them in the garden. :)
it has been too long since i grew these
and i'm enjoying the different plants and
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We have two pea fences in the garden, 25' long and 4' high. My wife plants the edible pod peas on one and green peas for shelling and freezing on the other. She's gotten the first harvest already. The plants are pulled out an d thrown to the sheep to eat. Another crop is planted and on the way.
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with the heat we've been having i'm not sure how much longer these plants will be going but i can't imagine pulling them quickly or soon.
i tend to let things like peas and beans go as long as they have even a bit of green left on them and as long as the pods are drying ok. if it looks like the pods are drying and we're in for a spell of rains then i'll scramble to pick what i can and get them in box tops to finish drying and shell out any that are immature enough to be edible as shellies.
i planted a mix of peas that i had left over and so these two rows of plants are mostly intermixed. some are edible as pods, shellies and later when they've dried i just wish i knew which they were.
the fun thing is that some of them are so beautiful as plants and the flowers that i'm hoping they will cross with some of the others so i can get nicer colored flowers than the white to pale yellow flowers the soup peas get. those would look pretty neat if they had other colored flowers because they have a growth habit where they have mostly tendrils so they look like little fuzzy rows growing. not that i expect this to happen, but i'll look for it and encourage it. never know what Momma Nature might have in mind... :)
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