Black crowder peas

Went out around 0800 and checked the peas, one eight foot row is mostly up but the other eight foot row isn't showing at all. The day after I planted them a heavy rain hit us but I think the peas that aren't showing yet got a bit compacted and it will take longer to get above ground.
We're still harvesting chard and freezing it, the kale is growing like the weed it is, dear wife loves the stuff but I don't like the taste. Looks like the worms will get a good bit of that. Will harvest the last of the sugar snap peas this week most likely, then will plant another four feet of crowder peas where the snap peas were.
The fig tree is leafing out and the pear tree is covered with blooms and baby pears, hopefully we will get bumper crops this year. The three blue berry plants are also blooming. The herb garden is growing like crazy, we've already cut and dehydrated at least a years worth of herbs but we have a large extended family that gets lots of herbs from us so we're still picking.
The wild dewberries and blackberries are blooming like crazy and we're keeping our eyes on the best picking spots. Discovered a blooming mayhaw tree nearby and will watch it too, mayhaw jelly is a delicacy for us. I do like picking wild fruits, beats the heck out of buying them from a roadside stand.
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