Not quite garden to table

  The last batch of tomatoes is currently making an extended stop in
the big stock pot ... accompanied by hamburger , onions , mushrooms ,
and a host of delicate spices . And the house smells marvelous . I had
to break down and spray the tomatoes with Daconil or risk losing them to
blight - also blew a good coat of DE on them after that was dry to
control squash beetles . This is the first year I've had problems with
them on the 'maters . Put up 10 half-pints of peppers a couple of days
ago , pickled of course . This year is exceeding my expectations ...
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Terry Coombs
we get a late blight every year. i've never sprayed anything because we get plenty of fruits finished anyways. we have squash beetles here too, but they've never damaged the tomatoes. i wonder if they're just going after the moisture... we have had enough rains recently so there is no problem with drought. it has been plenty hot enough.
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The big ones love it down by the roots.
My ground pots are below ground level by about one to two inches so my wand water does not go all over the place. I shoot some Seventh Generation disk liquid down by the root. Then I wand water them right at the squirt point. They hate to get wet, so they walk through soapy water and promptly die in about 20 seconds.
The eggs and little ones, I have to go after the hard way.
I forgot to water one day and my zukes did the wilt thing. most of the leave fell over, exposing squash bug eggs. "Slave! Slave! WHERE'S MY WATER ???!!!"
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