Garden Progress

Here's my garden's progress report. The weather has been cooler and we haven't really had the normal July hot spell. We've had a lot of rain and high winds.
Bush beans and peas are coming in by the handfuls, enough for eating and tossing minute amounts into the freezer. Pole beans have no beans on them but the plants look nice and healthy. I'm disappointed with the royal burgundy beans having only gotten a handful total off of 4 plants. Carrots look good but not big enough to pull. Potatoes are huge and I dug up one plant this morning yielding 9 nice size potatoes. I replanted the plant to see if I'll get more. Spanish onions are doing very good. Lettuces and herbs are doing too well. Cucumbers are right up there too. It's the first year for growing burpless cucumbers (seedless) but they seem to be keeping up with the other cucumbers. Beets have been downright discouraging as have the radishes. I'm not sure what the problem is but have done another replant of both. Some of the sweetie tomatoes have little green tomatoes on them so it is only a matter of time. Broccoli looks good but no heads yet. Baby brussel sprouts are popping out and the plants look good. The zucchini is on steriods, at least the plant itself is. It is huge! Three of the first little zucchini squash had blossom end rot so I snapped them off. Hopefully the next little ones do a little better. Acorn squash looks promising as does the watermelon. Peppers seem to be a little sluggish. So far the baby raccoons have left the garden alone. I'm using a hot pepper spray and the scarecrow motion sprayer. Three neighbours are doing a catch and release. They already caught the mother and one of the babies. Three left. I'm not sure how I feel about this measure. In the greenhouse, I'm battling overheating but no bugs. Seedlings are growing well and I will have plenty to replant as I harvest.
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