08-04-2018 harvest

Hi All,
My 08-04-2018 harvest:
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From top right to bottom left
9 Ron-de-nice Zukes
7 golden zukes
potato onions
2 anaheim peppers
cherry tomatoes
2 ichiebon eggplant
I made Ratatouille. The peppers were the magic ingredient.
Am I now officially upgraded from a black thumb to
a grey thumb?
I sincerely appreciate all the help you guys gave me in
getting to this point.
Next year, I grow less zukes. My freezer is filling up!
(I will have to cope!)
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T wrote:
you're in an arid climate, i'd say dusty gray is likely a suitable color...
water, organic matter, cover crops, worms, windbreaks, partial shade, swales, chop and drop, etc. :)
looking good!
tomatoes starting to come in here. about the normal time. red peppers, onions, beans, cucumbers, dill.
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I fertilized the hell out of the things this year. Spent about 120 U$D on organic chicken poop based fertilizer from Wally World. I wonder if I will make it back?
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  Several years back we had so much zucchini and cucumbers I was considering looking for cars parked downtown with the doors unlocked ... the neighbors and all of our friends were sick of them too !
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Terry Coombs
we're still picking gobs of cucumbers and a few people still want them so we've not pulled out the plants. i wanted to do that about a month ago...
i think we're at about 11 buckets beyond what i already put up.
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We often just cut them into 3/8" disks, fry in olive oil until the brown a bit (be patient) then hit them with salt and pepper with some grated parm.
We take turns cutting them in half and leaving the other half slice to the other person, frying pan after frying pan etc. ;)
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Ronde-de-nice are shaped like small pumpkins. I am looking forward to cutting up from five inch steaks and frying them up!
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After all, the definition of a small town is that you have to lock your car doors or you will find your back seat filled with zucchini!
I tried giving some to my neighbor on Saturday, but no one was home and I thought it would be a bit tacky just to leave them on his from door step.
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