pics: my first zuke harvest, and Slave! Water me!

Hi All,
This is my first Zuke harvest!
That is the Ronde Niece and two golden zukes on a bed of Purslane.
Rats forgot to put the sprig of Rosemary in the picture.
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And I have Goji Berries much sooner than expected!
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Oh and these guys have made a slave of me!
Slave! Water me! Slave!
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Notice the wilt!
And no fooling, 20 minutes later the SAME plant!
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Pampered little dears! Wait till they find out what
I have in store for their offspring!
Got me a bazillion green cherry tomatoes!
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T wrote:
looks good! :)
what they also give is shade and a wind break. very important in a hot and arid climate. eventually they also give back leaf/detritus and then that also helps hold in the moisture and provides a home for your soil building community.
it's that time of the year! :) enjoy!
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