Zuke update

Hi All,
Warning: I am rambling here.
Okay, I make up for my black thumb with quantity.
I counted my zuke plants. Sixteen of them this year. Five seems to be doing well. And I seem to have the upper hard on the accursed squash bugs.
I have various little ones too that I have been experimenting with late sprouting.
I am also starting to win on the powder mold too.
One of my premiere plants with huge leaves and ~18 inch stems got nailed in a late wind. Every branch snapped and died. But the trunk is still growing, so I keep watering it. This will be fun to see if it comes back to life and actually fruits.
Some of the plans have squat brittle leaves and 1/2" stems. I haven't figured that one out yet. I have to be careful looking under them for squash bug eggs as I have snapped a few leaves in half on these.
I hope to have a quorum of fruit for the pan this Monday. Garden to pan zukes make my eyes roll in my head. Yum!!!
I hope to break my 12 fruit barrier this year. Last year I forget, I think I had over 10 plants and only got about 12 fruit total.
I think I will use last years bull s*** story on them when I pick them. I will tell their parents I am taking their offspring for a drive in the country. Zukes is so stupid! (To quote Yosemite Sam.)
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