more experimenting with beans

this year instead of planting single variety rows/plots i decided to just decide what i wanted to put in an area, mix the seeds all together and then plant whatever came to hand while going along the row.
i do not recommend this method. :)
but it could be amended to be better by not putting short season varieties in with the longer season types.
what happened this year was that the shorter season beans finished and died back as they should but then with the frequent rains these plants became the place where fungi decided to get going on doing what fungi likes to do. usually i try to harvest pods that are ready or close to ready as often as i can check, but sometimes can miss a small dead bean plant buried under a pile of actively growing other beans, until it's too late and the white fuzz gets going...
by planting sameish length season beans in the same plots at least i would hope to avoid this problem in the future.
i did not plant all my bean plots using this random method, so it hasn't been a huge problem, just reporting observations as i'm going along here...
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