Strange beans?

This is my first year planting a vegetable garden and I am woefully
uninformed. I have planted beans (sorry I don't have the specific
kind) and they are just sprouting. I pick them and crack them open,
but there is a white spongy material inside the bean pod, around the
beans themselves.
Can anyone tell me what this is, if needs to be fixed and if so, how
to fix it?
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arco writes:
Some beans have a material such as this inside them as they develop. It would depend on how much you are talking about here. A little may be natural and part of the variety; a lot might be something else entirely. If you have a local county extension office, take some there and ask them . . . or if there is a reputable garden shop, ask them. (Or go to a farmers' market and see what they have.)
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Glenna Rose
Without knowing what kind of bean you planted, the best guess would be that you are picking them before they are mature. Many varieties of beans have material in the pod along with the bean that shrinks and disappears when the pod matures and dries. Unless it looks like a fungus, it's probably supposed to be in there!
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