may be a bit late but we'll give it a try today

planting some peas. it has been raining so much that
the garden where they're going has been way too muddy
for letting me get it done sooner. i need to lift the
rows along the edges a bit before putting the peas in
so they won't drown/rot if it does get too rainy again,
but i think the weather this week is going to be mixed
enough they should have a good chance of starting ok.
at least the high spots in that garden are already
drying out enough so the main plantings will be ok in
there once we get to warm enough weather.
as usual with any plans i have, they can change from
moment to moment so wish me luck on today's missions...
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they've been sprouting and able to push up out of the ground. i wasn't even sure the seeds were any good so i'm glad to see them poking up. :) it took long enough for them to germinate that i wondered... cool soil i worried they rotted.
now i have to make sure i can keep the groundhogs out of that garden for a bit longer (they usually don't get through the fence, but once in a while one of them will climb or find a way through).
we mowed yesterday for the first time, that will also help deter the groundhogs if they don't have cover to get through i can see them and plink at them. the one that comes through once in a while is now smart enough to go running if i open the patio door or if there is any noise from this direction. i was hoping i could remove it before it had babies...
i really need to get that fence up soon. deer tracks all over and they're making a mess of things not counting what they're eating. also the time sensitive thing is that i have to have it up before the lilac tree in the NE corner starts flowering.
i may just do that today. i have been trying to get other things done and so putting it off.
no frost in the forecast. i wonder if i should risk planting some early beans. the buckwheat is sprouting so at least i know the ground temperature is getting close to warm enough. i have some beans that i found out are really supposed to be cooler weather types but sadly i doubt they'll survive a hard frost and i don't have that many seeds to risk - choices, choices...
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