It's a nice spring day

We're enjoying a nice spring day today, high temp of 80F, a nice breeze
and nearly time to plant the spring garden.
We're about done with our fall garden with a few cabbage and cauliflower
left to pick and the fall lettuce crop is about done. We had, if I
remember correctly, six separate fall lettuce plantings. Lots of really
good salads came out of that bunch.
It won't be long before we plant spring crops, lettuce of course,
tomatoes, peppers, etc.
I've about got the madam to let me pullout the three non-growing,
non-blooming, non-bearing blueberry bushes. I'm wanting to replace them
with domestic dewberries as they do like shade versus the sun loving
blueberries. Plus I like dewberries very much as I grew up in an area of
Texas where the dewberries were rampant.
We're having a few days of a low in the low forties and then next day
mid-eighties or a little less. As much as I despise cold weather I am
getting a bit more happy. The dawg gets out on sunny days and lays in
the bright sunshine and naps happily. Right now she's under her blanket
on the easy chair and is content with her world.
We had such a bumper crop of climbing green beans two years ago that we
still have many pint jars in the canning pantry. Plus we were able to
pick a LOT of blackberries alongside the roadsides last year that we
probably won't need any more for another year. Thank you for the Texas
laws that forbid mowing roadsides until blackberry season is over. I do
love being back in my birth state.
George, Miz Anne, and Tilly DAwg
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George Shirley
i may try to get the onions planted earlier. that's about it for anytime soon other than puttering. we're still getting frosts at night even if it is going to be warmer this week than it should be.
*waves hello and gives DAwg a scritch*
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