Spring garden

The spring garden is doing well and we're still planting some vegetables
as we clear the fall groceries.
The kumquat, pear, and fig trees are all recovering nicely from a two
day freeze earlier in this year. I will be fertilizing all three today
or tomorrow, depends on how my right leg performs. Seems my right side
is still causing problems, have multiple appointments at the clinic
including three different disciplines, to which I really don't want to
go but dear wife insists. Using a cane regularly now and it's a PITA to
tote a cane around. I guess it's better than a wheel chair, which my
doctor seems to think will be soon. I'm going to do my best to stay
upright as long as I can. Getting old is slightly better than being
We're getting some really nice, sunny days now and just recently we were
blessed with over two inches of rain over a two-day period. I prefer the
two-day timing versus two inches in a morning as we had a while back.
We're eating salads more frequently as the spring lettuces grow up.
Luckily we scored some large red bell peppers at the market and they are
delicious in a salad or just for snacking. The winter onions did well so
we can add onions and other salad fixings to the bowl. I am liking
salads more often than I used to. I add chopped hard boiled eggs and
either fish bits and pieces or chicken bits to it for the protein. I'm
sleeping better with salads for dinner than when I was hogging down
beef, pork, and anything else I could find.
Tilly Dawg is doing well with her health problems and, with two years of
glucosamine, she's running as fast as she did when she was a pup. Since
she had her nose operated on she is no longer snoring. Asked the family
doc the other day if she could do the nose job on my wife. If she
doesn't wear her CPAP mask you can hear her all over the house.
Weather is getting warmer almost daily, expecting low eighties today and
tomorrow and more heat will be on us soon.
George, Miz Anne, and Tilly Dawg
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