Too early , wayyyyy too early

My Red Haven peach tree is already making flowers ... last frost here is
not for another 6 weeks , looks like I'll be keeping a close eye on the
thermometer . The trees all have a (concrete reinforcing) wire cage around
them , I can wrap with a tarp if it's going to freeze . PITA , but I'd sure
like to get some peaches this year .
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Terry Coombs
I'm just pleased that my kumquat tree is coming back into a full coat of leafs after getting hit by two 21F freezes back to back. Fed it some citrus fertilizer today, it was 80F at mid afternoon. The pear tree is properly pruned according to the AG agent here and it will get some 8-8-8 once the leaves start growing again. I might even get a little fertilizer on the fig tree before long. The bay tree is now almost three feet tall and the start was a six inch piece of the old trees limb when it was planted in early 2013.
Unfortunately our Ugly lemon we planted was frozen back earlier and is now starting to sprout from the roots. The Ugly Lemon is actually a cross between a lemon and a grapefruit and the fruit is actually as big as a large grapefruit and the tree has three inch spines growing on the trunk. Also had some avocado's were killed, we will plant some more seed and see what we get again.
We're coming into spring like gangbusters and I'm very happy.
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George Shirley
In article ,
Welcome to the new, ugly, hard to grow food in reality.
All our fruit blossoms got whacked last year, so no tree fruits. Today it was 68F and our last frost date is mid to late May. Looking pretty dubious for this year if this foolishness keeps up.
If you can set up to mist the flower buds, it helps - basically mist/fog when it's getting cold and through the night - so long as new water is freezing on the outside of the icicle, it stays at 32F/OC which is often warm enough to save the flowerbuds. Blatantly swiped from citrus growers way down south, but it saved my blueberries one year.
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It's 27? outside as I type this . Maybe , just maybe because they're not fully bloomed out some will survive . I was going to have to thin them anyway ...
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Terry Coombs

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