Finally !

I've been trying for 4 years now to get anaheim pepper seeds to germinate
. Got up this morning and looked , one's peeping it's little self up out of
the potting soil . This year I used a heat mat under the tray ...
But I'm afraid the peach blossoms are toast , it was down in the mid-20's
this morning .
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Terry Coombs
I've used the heat mats for years Terry. Works like a charm. Where we used to live we had a large property, around 14000 square feet, here it's 6500 square feet with a 1960 sq ft house plus a shed and a driveway. So, we don't plant as big a garden as we did.
Haven't had to use the heat mat lately due to dear wife's foray's to the plant stores and getting veggies in pots. I guess it doesn't cost as much as running the heat mat.
I've grown Anaheim's a few times but they never get as big as the one's in the store. They are very good for "stuffed peppers", etc.
It's fairly warm here today and threatening rain and strong winds, so far everything is calm but I expect rain before tomorrow.
We have a very large nursery not far away and they actually have a LOT of reasonably priced garden plants so I guess we don't need to start our own anymore but I do miss messing around with the plants.
Good luck with your spring garden too.
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George Shirley

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