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Looks like the heat is getting the lettuce and a few other greens. Temp
here are already hitting the mid-eighties and then the next morning in
the forties, up and down, depending upon which way the wind is blowing.
The carrots have been doing well, picking a bunch each day. I'm thinking
of pickling some of them as we both like pickled carrots. Tomato and
pepper plants are in the ground, pear tree is blooming but I'm worried
about the fig tree, a few limbs froze off in January and they set figs
rather early and then they fell off. I fertilized the fruit trees this
year as the ag agent said it was time. Just little batches of 8-8-8 and
13-13-13. Now I need to get out the fertilizer hand spreader and do the
lawn with a light fertilizer and the other stuff that goes well.
Lovely wife catches up to me on years old next month but we're not
worried. She's healthy as a horse and often eats like one, I've cut back
on meat and tater's and am trying to more vegetables and salads. Dropped
about five lbs so far but have at least 20 more to go if not more. Have
been told I have some pretty bad arthritis by the doctors but not a lot
can be done about it. My next step is to look up some remedies that
don't have drugs in them, have enough scripts for heavy drugs anyway,
diabetes, heart problems, you name. Wife now does the mowing and the
digging, I sit on my tractor seat crawler and plant stuff until my back
gets stiff and then go set in the shade with iced tea.
All the kids, grands, and great grands are doing fine, eldest great
granddaughter is now dating, will soon be 17 and I worry about her even
if her boyfriend is a really nice guy her age.
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