Carrot crop this year has been bountiful. So much so that we canned five pints of pickled carrot sticks, then seven pints of sliced carrots for meals, and now we have the last of the large, but sweet and crisp, carrots from the garden. Generally we get a half way decent harvest of carrots but this batch has been really crisp, tasty, even when very large. Six inches long and about one and half inches wide at the top. Now we have to figure out what to do with the last pickings.
Here is is nearly mid-May and we're hitting high temps in the high eighties. Thankfully we have air conditioning and the electricity here is not very high in price. Most of it is ginned by a few lakes with power dams nearby. Houston has really grown over the last twenty or so years. We moved near Houston to be close to our children, grands, and great grands and we see them just enough to keep us from getting tired of them. <G> This is our fourth or fifth time we've lived in Houston area but most likely our last.
We are slowly repainting the interior walls of this house and I have come to hate ten foot walls in the kitchen/dining/living area. The deed calls that a "Great Room." I am about done with all the shelving, cabinets, and work area in the garage, which will not hold a car anymore. I think we have to much "stuff" but dear wife has boxes of unknown things on the racks I put in. The master closet is 12 feet by 10 feet and I have about eight feet along one wall to hang my clothes on. The rest of the area is the Queen's stuff. I saw some clothing hanging in her area that she could wear fifty years ago. Go figure.
I shouldn't worry about it as, come December 26th this year we will be married 57 years and we courted two years before the marriage. Our marriage has outlasted our parents and siblings and I have no idea how much longer. Her mother died a few months before her 101 birthday, I'm not worried about longevity due to the Shirley men going quickly with strokes and heart attacks. Thank goodness for modern medicine. <VBG>
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