Seedling Catastrophe!! Help if possible ;-)

Hi all
I'm new here, but i've been edible gardening for a few years. I had a
whole bunch of elderly seeds that i wanted to use use so decided a good
way would be to have a seed planting competition with my partner and his
12yo son.
All well and good but with the doors open and one gust of wind all the
propagator covers were blow off, taking with them all the labels!
I know which trays belong to who. And i know which labels go in which
trays because of the handwriting, but now the seedlings are starting to
appear, i have no idea which labels go with which seedlings.
If i were to post some photos with the options, do you think you could
help me out??
I'm desperate to organise them as the son will be with us from tomorrow,
and actually, his tray is winning!!
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they'd have to be pretty close pictures (and in focus) and then it may only be possible to narrow them down.
if you give us a list of what you planted that would help.
songbird (snowing and windy here today
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