Frost Warnings Tonight

We've had a little cold snap here in Maryland, just northeast of Baltimore. Daytime highs in the mid-60's, overnight lows in the mid-40's. Tonight they're predicting a low of 40 with frost warnings. I turned the furnace on this evening.
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i'm not ready to be cold! :)
i was hoping the frost hadn't taken out the climbing beans on the fence, but now a few days later they're all yellow too so they were affected but didn't show it as quickly.
we've had the heat on a few times already.
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Northern Delaware, not far from you, no frost yet but I had to bring in potted plumeria as leaves were folding and rapidly dropping off.
Chilly in house and we had kept furnace off until furnace guy showed up this morning to check it and AC out. Now it is on.
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