Winter Gardening

My wife has started planting seeds in the greenhouse, inspired by all the s
eed catalogues we've been getting recently. She likes to work out there whe
n it's bitter winter outside. The people at Lowe's probably thought we were
crazy buying potting soil in this weather.
We're having a horrible cold spell here in Maryland. Low of 10 tonight, 6 F
riday night and 5 Saturday night. Single digits are very unusual here. Then
it gets back to normal January Maryland temperatures for a week or so; ove
rnight lows in the 20's, daytime highs in the 30's and low 40's.
Not much snow, just an inch or so this morning from the winter storm that d
isabled much of the Atlantic coast. I was afraid of a major dump of snow as
the backhoe doesn't feel like starting in the cold.
It's been too cold for the sheep's' water heater to keep up so I have to go
out in the morning with a hatchet to break the ice and bring a pail of hot
water to top it off.
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don't they have heated buckets for that?
i've been sorting beans again and making selections for planting in the spring.
just finished up the bulk beans and now switching to the more fun sorting where i get to look at all the cross-breeds and off varieties. now that the seeds have had some time to mature/darken a little.
nice to have the sun out, but it is plenty cold here too. most nights near or below 0F. don't even talk about wind chills, i don't go outside at night anyways.
deer ran into side of car so having to deal with that. expensive body check and it got up and ran away.
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o go out in the morning with a hatchet to break the ice and bring a pail of hot water to top it off.
I have a 15-gallon plastic bucket which has heating coils in the bottom. It 's been plugged in but when the temperature gets below about 15F, it has tr ouble keeping up. When the temps are in the single digits, like the last fe w nights, it freezes over. Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be single-d igit, then back to normal.
My wife is planting turkey gizzard beans this year. We've had them before, nice big shelly beans which are better eating than the name would imply.
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It is too cold here to over winter anything that grown above ground. My garlic and shallots (old for the tops) seem to be enjoying the cold.
If it does not rain in two weeks, I will give everyone a quick spritz.
Goji's have gone dormant. Chock berries, who knows, it was the second round of bare roots I put in the ground. Bill Berries seeds, I will have to wait and see. Supposedly, they "require" the cold to germinate.
Oh, and I GOT WEEDS! I have a beautiful green carpet of grass shoots and wild carrot tops. When I get enough sunlight, I will vinegar them. I was hoping the cold would kill them, but it only made them germinate.
Death to Weeds! Death to Earwigs!
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T wrote: ...
yes, the carrots/queen-annes-lace like cool and moist to get going.
good sign though, weeds tell you that there is something worthwhile in the soil and enough moisture to do something. nature will find a way. :)
did you see my post a while ago about a possible more bug resistant kind of squash that is enough like a zuke?
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  I should have done it some time ago , "things" just happen and my memory ... what were we talking about ?
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Terry Coombs

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