frost already?

last night they were forcasting "spotty frost" across the midwest. luckily,
it passed me by. anyone experience a killing frost yet and if so, when did
it hit?
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In article , brickled says...
Not yet here in southwest CT zone 6. It's been warm and humid thanks to Jeanne (not to mention WET). This Saturday night they're predicting a cool front coming thru but no mention of frost yet. Next week's lows are predicted for the 40's. Our avg. first frost date is Oct. 15.
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Mary McHugh
Here in northern Utah (somewhere between a zone 3 and 4), we've had a killing frost already. We got it early last week, and for at least 3 nights.
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Blair Larsen
No frost yet, but watermelon that are just now starting to produce quite a bit of fruit. (I haven't looked in a few days, haven't been around.)
Is there a easy and fairly inexpensive way to help keep the plants warm enough at night?
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Old sheets, blankets, towels, newspapers, and paper grocery bags are what get pressed into service at my house. When I 'retire' sheets and towels they get stockpiled for all sorts of projects and emergencies.
They do yard waste pickup here in large paper bags, which we accumulate each fall when we scarf leaves from around the neighborhood. The big bags are great for covering plants when frost threatens.
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Pat Kiewicz
Northern Pennsylvania here. Killing frosts: September 19 and September 20.
Then it got warmer again, of course (annoyingly - it always seems to do this). I don't think we've had frost since September 20. But winter's on the way, that's for sure.
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I think some places in MN had a frost in August that really damaged the soybeans and corn.
It dropped into the 20's here (SE Minnesota) Friday night, Oct 1, after raining all day and turning clear at dusk.
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In central Maine we've had two light frosts and the weatherman is predicting a killing frost for tonight. I just brought in all of my green tomatoes, to be ripened in boxes and paper bags. ...Gin
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Well, I guess it's my turn to check in. Things were quite frosty this morning. The first week of October is about average for a killing frost in my yard. I'm lucky enough to live on the lake front so I rarely have to worry about frost in September. People who live far away from the lake often have a light frost at the end of August. That happened this year. My thermometer had a low of 28 but tomato plants closer to the water than that thermometer were either undamaged or only lightly damaged. When I walked to work at 9 AM, the cars along the street were still heavily covered with frost. A co-worker of mine who lives on the other side of town had 21 degrees at 7 AM.
Steve in the Adirondacks of northern NY
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