for a change

i planted some of the lima beans on time.
last year i was so late on planting some
things that i didn't even bother planting
lima beans. well... and i also had no
space for them that wasn't going to get
overrun by squash.
i still don't want to plant the starts
out until after the middle of this week it
is going to be cold enough at night.
i have a chance of getting some more
weeding done by then.
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What is this "cold" thing? We're getting 90 + F every day now. Garden is exploding as long as we water. Wife is off to eldest brother's 80th birthday and won't be back until Friday. Have been watering almost daily in the raised beds and all the other growing things. Weather folk are claiming possible rain over next seven days. I don't understand possible rain I just want REAL rain.
If I can hang on a few more years I will be 80, something no other male in my family has ever reached. Here at 77 I am leading the pack on eldest male in family so far. Thanks to modern medicine and a good woman.
I'm using a cane now, wonder what will be next. At least I can still garden somewhat.
Lonesome George
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George Shirley
yeah, overnight temperatures are forecast to be 49 - 50 a few nights this week. rains forecast for today after 5pm. not sure we'll get anything from it. radar looks iffy, south and north of us as usual. daytime temps finally mid-70s. will get things planted after this round of nighttime temps begins to head back up again.
i'm sure Tai Chi can be adapted to sitting cane form as it does have a sword form. always a good idea to be prepared IMO. :)
Tilly Dawg?
break over, gotta get back outside for a bit if it might rain, pick up my stuff i was working with and putter around weeding. just in the section i'm working on now i figure another three days at least at the rate i've been going. of course, i usually do something else for a while too to keep on top of things.
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Just got a pop up on the screen, seriously severe weather expected over the next ten hours. Maybe some real rain but I hope no twisters nor other strong winds. I'm having a problem with getting a fence builder to come and put in a fifty foot long back fence with a gate and the builder will have to put the posts deep as we're on a steep slope next to a natural gas pipeline.
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George Shirley

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