Along the Garden Fence

I love the classics too.

Sounds like the land of milk and honey.

My neighbor is trying to grow avocados. We are a little far north for them. 300 miles south I could get away with it and have figs too but here it is normally too cold during the winter. My neighbor has his next to a hot tub and I think he tents it on cold nights. Lilly, my shepard, liberates them from the compost pile. She doesn't seem to care about the brown spots.

Do you feel you are getting any results from the first three? Lower tri-glycerides, cholesterol or, BP?

All I know is from . I don't have a lot of faith but what the hell. I'll give it a go. and another one I didn't mention is passion flower

Sounds like your closer to sustainability than I am. I had to truck in a yard of compost, a half yard of sand and, a yard of horse manure. to get this effect and, if I don't stay on top of it, it will be back to concrete in no time.

Here and now, bro'. Here and now. (If you want a good cry, "The Island" by Aldous Huxley. Should have been called Paradise Lost but that name was already taken.) Nice thing with the garden (besides the awesome flavor of fresh food) is that the measuring and mixing is a great education for anybody, especially kids. You get math and physics by figuring surface area and volumes, learn some chemistry and botany, pick up some Greek and Latin roots and prefixes which are used in all the European languages. You get exercise and you learn cooperation, not only with each other but with nature as well, re: ecology. Lord, I think we've found the "Golden Brick Road":-)

Oh, I still make my pilgrimages to Kaiser to talk to their seers but I am looking for alternatives. Anything but giving up my "wee drop" in the evening and, losing weight. At least our culture isn't so nuts over over-weight men, as they are about over-weight women. It's just freakin' amazing what the media does to us. If anything, I'm just trying to keep "Big Pharma" honest. I didn't say I would succeed but, I gotta' try.

Keep bangin' those pots.

Good on you and congrats.
On my mothers side I'm Scot-English. The first we know of her ancestors were that they were Dickersons and had a hardware store in Maryland until the Revolution. Being good Tories, they moved to New Brunswick and took up in the small town of Macadam, now best know for their aggregate surfaces. Mom came to California in the 30's where she took up with a terrible man (my dad) and made him the object of pity (at least in the family). She would have been a Bush Republican. I apparently developed anti-bodies to Republicanism (although I always did like Barry Goldwater). But I digress . . .

May the wind always be at your back and, the road rise to meet your feet.
To the garden and them pepper plants.
- Bill
Coloribus gustibus non disputatum (mostly)
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Valerian and Hawthorne do give me a very modest drop in BP. I take it upon faith that hawthorn also has a tonic and strnghtening effect upon the CV system. I have gotten the greatest drop in BP from addition of 450mg magnesium and enough potassium (with what it eat in food) to equal approx 4000mg. I supplement potassium with No-Salt... potassium chloride...1/4 tsp = 650mg. The KCl and magnesium have had the greatest effect. I also try and eat diuretic doods and take and herbal diuretic that helps. I would like to see test results between commercially raised produce and home produced, comparing micronutrient and mineral values. I wonder if higher incidences of several common diseases and syndromes are the result of lowered levels as a result of depleted soil.
I dropped my BP from a high of 185/115 to a less "intense" level of 145/95. Were I to exercise more and drop the stones I *know* it would go lower.
Anyhoo, like you, I am not going to give up the wee drop and weight loss is, uh, difficult. For sure I need to loose *several* stone, but....never mind.
As far as lowering tri-g or cholesterol, once again, I believe what the herbal healers claim. I have BP monitor and fingerstick for BG. Some would state that this is an unwise approach to health, but that's OK. It is my choice.

Indeed we have!!

Yes, this is what Molly wanted from all of us!
BTW, nice subject lines.
Care Charlie
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