A foggy morning

Slept in this morning, a rare occurrence. Woke up to a light fog and
some of yesterday's leftover rain. It is 64F out there and may have a
decent winter morning.
The three year old sweet pepper is, again, loaded with small peppers and
the tomatoes are still getting bigger. We had a lettuce (several
varieties) and tomato salad yesterday, very nice in the middle of
winter. The eggplant are still producing and all of the fall greens are
growing like weeds.
I really need to prune the fruit trees but the ag agent says wait until
just before everything buds out. As it is the fruit trees still have
leaves, none have fallen as yet. Still picking a few kumquats along but
not much longer.
We've been getting just the right amount of rain for the last two months
and there may be more coming. I do like free water but not to much of it.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We're all going
to the home of son-in-law's eldest son's home this year, our first time
at his place but, then, they have a new baby so it will be fun.
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George Shirley
we have a foot of frozen and somewhat heavy wet snow out there now. i don't think i'll be getting any more gardening in this year.
the coming week we have forecast below 0F temps coming and some days not much above zero. we'll see. pretty early for such a cold snap, but at least we have a blanket now.
the deer have already been wandering through the yard.
:) no idea what we are doing now. i spend very little time around children/babies. not that i don't like them, but we are not near any relatives with young children. we did spend a few hours this past weekend at a birthday party but we were not really around the children much as they were all gathered in their space or off playing video games or whatever.
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