Morning Stuff...

And half the afternoon now that I look at the clock...
-- Coffee/email/newsgroups -- Water break -- Vitamins (I have to have this on the list to cross off or I forget to do it!) -- Hit the market, Staples, Radio Shack & the liquor store -- Started dinner (pulled pork - toss in saucepan w/liquid and forget for a couple hours) -- Got my brother to finally empty the dishwasher. (I'm taking this back over, because of his schedule I end up doing it most of the time anyway or it took forever for him to get to it. Today I was just in a bad mood and decided I wasn't gonna pick up his slack today. I have much less of a problem with doing it myself than waiting for it to not get done.) -- Emptied the sink now that the dishwasher is empty. :) -- Currently printing out documents for class.
Now, the printing thing doesn't seem like it should be that big a deal, but I've been fighting with my printer for the last 3 days trying to do this, resulting in a lot of wasted time and paper. This morning it ran out of ink. Got a new cartridge, plus a spare, and of course, it won't print in black at all now - it won't recognize that ANY cartridge there (old or new)... My brother has given me a new printer that came w/his laptop and so I can at least print now. Of course - the receipt for the spare ink cartridge I can't use? Disappeared. Not in my wallet, or in the bag. The bag had a split in it from a binder I also bought this morning, and I can only guess the receipt escaped that way - I'm still going to go back to Staples tomorrow and beg for them to let me return the spare cartridge.
Still going to try to get a few other things done today despite the fact that the printer stupidity pretty much put me over the edge for patience... - C.

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