nice to be back to the winter routine. :)
cooked up some squash yesterday and so today
i had skins, seeds and pulp from those to feed
to the worms.
instead of spreading the seeds/pulp out
among several buckets i decided to mix in
some paper scraps to soak up any extra
moisture formed during fermentation and
some other dried stuff, mixed all together,
then emptied one of my other bins on top
of that.
the soil will filter out most/all of any
fermentation smells and the worms will get
down there eventually and work through
whatever is left.
i was looking at that bucket of seeds
and pulp and trying to get enthusiastic
about going outside and finding a spot to
bury it all, through the snow, the ground
is probably not that frozen yet. decided
instead to use my materials on hand and my
wormie friends. :)
i'll check it in about a month to stir
it up and see how it has progressed. this
is how i keep learning about what the worms
and worm composting can do, but also it is
just fun to keep my hands in some kind of
dirt during the frozen winter months. :)
i have about ten more squash to cook
up eventually, i hope they can last until
when i have this first round of scraps
digested enough that i can use the same
bucket. it works out well to have the seeds
in one bin then when i take that bin out to
the gardens to use i can put all those
seeds in one location and not have to keep
weeding them out of the rest of the places
i put the worm compost.
i've tried this before, i mean i've
tried to keep the squash and melond seeds
down to just a few bins so that i don't
have so many seeds to weed/snip. it didn't
work because i ran out of capacity in just
one bin when we did a lot of melons all at
one time for fruit salads.
and normally i like to roast squash seeds,
but these were not in the best of condition.
i suppose i could separate them and put them
out as bird feed for the winter months. i
wonder if any birds would even be able to
deal with them. they're pretty thick hulled.
ramblingly yours in peace, :)
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