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Compact doors
What the verdict on these type of doors, folding doors ">
12 years ago 1
Which to build first? Walls or floors?
I saw on some tv show that they put basement walls OFF the floor for various reasons. Then cover the gap with moulding or something. If that's the case, what's the diff? Finishing my full...
12 years ago 10
choice of elevator
If you had to choose between the Concord Eclipse and the Thyssen Krupp Lev, which would you choose? You'd probably get some responses if you posted this question at a disability website...
12 years ago 2
#6 ground wire directly to xformer?
Back when I used to install PBX's, the manufacturer REQUIRED a #6 (min.) ground wire be run from the PBX service panel in the PBX room to, with no taps, the xformer that provided the power. If we...
12 years ago 6
Little green airlines?
Forgive me if it has been asked before but I am new to this NG. I have noticed that a lot of the homes going up around my development have little green or white (air?) lines that run around the...
12 years ago 4
Greenhouse Swimming Pool Enclosure
I live is a wooded area that is relatively cool in Summer. I was thinking about a greenhouse type enclosure for the 16'x32' pool that will keep out the large amount of leaves and keep the...
12 years ago 1
installing radiant floor tubing in a slab-
wanting to lay tubing in my basement/sunroom slab so that one day when i can afford it, we can have radiant heated floors. the basement is basically 1200 square feet- so i'm wondering what the...
12 years ago 1
Max weight bear the side of a building
Please excuse for my lack of technical English here. In a building which is 15 meters wide, which is declared as being able to bear 500Kg per square meter, I suppose that this value refers to the...
12 years ago 4
Looking for a home contractor?
Check out Find local contractors fast. Appliance Installation and Repair Audio Video Installation Basement Finishing Cabinets & Countertops Carpentry Carpet Installation Cleaning Services Computer...
12 years ago
Why are bathroom fans in ceiling?
Why are bathroom exhaust fans mounted in the ceiling? Wouldn't down low next to the toilet be a better location? Maybe even lower than the toilet and behind the toilet. Then the "smell" would go...
12 years ago 27
Being your own "general"
If anyone has ever built a house without a builder, just directly hiring subs and what was the experience like good and bad? How many houses have YOU built? This is one of those things where if you...
12 years ago 19
Residential plumbing bonding question
Good morning. I appear to have an electrical bonding problem with my plumbing. I am measuring 60VAC between my kitchen faucet and the kitchen drain fitter. The problem became evident when I replaced...
12 years ago 9
Window Allowance includes what?
Hello folks, I'm finishing a contract (me HO). The contract specified a window allowance. I ordered the windows. They came in at less than the allowance. I'm deducting the full allowance from...
12 years ago 1
Hot tub platform
I'm moving my hot tub to ground level and, after looking for deck designs, found an interesting one. This was proposed way back in 2000 on one of these newsgroups, but no comments and the poster...
12 years ago
How do I calculate SLA (specific leakage area)? A definition of it. What si it used for? Andy Good Day, Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you. I am Mr....
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