Vintage woodworking power equipment for sale

Anyone around MA want to buy some nifty vintage benchtop tools? Good old little iron. I collected these a while ago and cleaned some of them up, but I've upgraded now and don't have the space. We have:
c.1940 Sears/Dunlap 12" drill press made by Atlas. Good condition except some of the nameplate's missing. Has special-order dual pulley bracket for use with a bench shaft or bench-mounted motor.
Late '30s Sears/Companion 11" jig/scroll saw by King-Seeley. Good shape, has an oil-filled crankcase and tilt table. Has pulley for motor.
Similar vintage Sears/Companion 1/3 HP electric motor. Has dual 1/2" shafts, ball bearings (big deal back then), and built-in power switch and cord. No pulleys. Would be good on either or both of the above tools.
Another '30s Sears tool, this time an 8" Craftsman benchtop table saw made by Atlas. I haven't cleaned this one up, but it's in great condition otherwise. Weighs a ton, very high quality, has original quick set miter guage and micro-adjustable iron fence. Lots of nickeled handwheels and ballcranks. Don't have the guard or splitter or motor/mount. The mount's easily made.
A '60s Craftsman 8" table saw by King-Seeley. Needs cleaning and lubing, but in great shape. Has twin cast iron wings, original miter guage and fence, original splitter and guard, motor mount, and 3/4 HP Craftsman motor. Includes a simple plywood base someone made years ago.
Finally, an Emerick Universal Woodworker. It's a cheap '50s combo lathe/drill press/grinder/etc combo machine. Doesn't have the drill press table but it's easy to make. No motor.
I'm not looking to give these away, but I don't want an unreasonable amount. No shipping or delivery. Photos available upon request. Trades are good for almost anything. Looking especially for metalworking equipment, computer hardware, and police flashlights.
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