usenet abuser 1968.9.44.84 and sometimes 1970.9.44.84

To report cases of Usenet abuse, click the "show options" link at the top of the message and select "Report Abuse." On the report page, describe why you think the post is abusive.
Please be aware that, while we appreciate how annoying off-topic posts can be, Google does not regularly monitor or censor postings sent to Google Groups, and we aren't able to pursue most complaints that we receive. However, we do try to prevent wide-scale spam and other forms of Usenet abuse, most notably involving numerous repeat offenses or the posting of someone's personal information (such as credit card or social security numbers). We'll use all of the information we receive regarding abuse and spam to make large-scale changes to fight all types of abuse. In Google Groups discussion groups (not Usenet newsgroups), you can also ask the owner or moderator to remove a post.
Robert C. Smith
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