Small bench with flip up sides

When I first built my shop, I had several bench top tools and planned to add some others. Getting each one out, setting it up and securing it was a slight PITA, so I built a dedicated bench for just that type of tool. The bench was built very, very sturdy of lagged 4X6 material, then a plywood top was added. The bench was small by shop standards- about 30" X 48", but was extremely heavy and stable. The size was partially dictated by the need to get to all 4 sides of the bench to work using the tools mounted to its top.
To gain more room, and for the smaller, lighter bench tools, I added flip up wings to the side. The wings locked in place automatically by using coffee table wing/braces, which also permitted them to be easily flipped back down. By thinking through where the tools were mounted, how they were angled and how they would be used, I have little, if any, conflict between the closely packed bench tools. Later, I added an outlet for my dust collector. There were also many (you can't get too many) electrical outlets.

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