Slightly OT: Chainsaw/felling question

I too am way more comfortable working from the ground. I've used a small electric or hand saw from a ladder once or twice, but I'm not comfortable risking my gas saw or my life. If I need to shorten a tree before dropping it, I use
When cutting a bunch of limbs over 30' up, I got one of these to place the saw.
The Big-Shot is made by, but their web site sucks.
Shoot a line into the tree, pull the cutting chain around the limb/trunk, and play a little game of tug of war with a partner from the ground.
If you are cutting a horizontal branch you and your partner need to be at least as far apart as the branch is high, otherwise you will pinch the saw when the branch starts to sag. The pictures on the box show one person using the saw standing below the branch. It doesn't work that way, you _need_ a partner and a good bit of distance between you, or you _will_ have a rope stuck up in the tree.
If you are cutting a veritcal trunk you need to shoot line above the cut that will allow you to pull the trunk to keep the saw kerf open.
If you don't have a lot of space to let the trunk/branches drop, then get someone with lots of tree climbing experience or a bucket truck.
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