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I've just been wanting to point this out to someone. From a hobby standpoint. There's been a lot of talk on routers lately. Its not a Lee Valley catalog comment but here goes. Its got everything you want: money, tools and ridicule. With that you can get sex and violence. Actually I just wish I could justify going out to buy some bit sets. Remember, I live in Toronto and I bought a set of bits (26 pce.) from Canadian Tire. It was on sale at the time, and I am lucky it was, compared to other sets. The 26 pce set is regularly priced about the same there 36 pce set. see here:
http://canadiantire.ca/browse/subcategory_landing.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id 08474396672936&bmUID67506708999
I just noticed the larger 36 pce set is on sale. The difference is the carbide type, there being limited ways/materials to use; the 26 pce set has Ti (titanium) carbide, the other, who knows. I bet it would rust without hesitation in any moisture. I'm not here to promote CT, or anyone. I don't know where these bits are quality wise (for hobbyist/or other). I know a Frued bit will cut through a screw like butter and look like new.
with either set, you'll be short sizes. The first time I had to use my set I didn' t have all of the sizes that I could have used. I wasn't about to go to the store. Now when I make anything the run to the store for all the in between sizes at 16x sale of set price looms.
Others like sets for dirt prices, even if the quality is corner store. You may just fit into both categories.
There are certain types of bits that you will need in all sizes, like straight, rabbet, roundover, and beading. .If you box yourself into a corner, you will regret it. Then there are the standard sizes of materials that are readily available . I would say even the largest sets don't even do the basics on the few simple sizes of plywood, 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4", not to mention in between sizes, like the mundane 3,5,7,9,11, or 13 /16".
Then there are the ogees, (and any other profile). I am trying to filter needed types out of the sets from the dozen other categories of things you may need. A rail & stile/panel raising set is something you don't get in a set, but is a set you can get anywhere from anyone.
Several sets cover needed ground: necc. options, not in a set (not a company endorsement)
(6 rabbet sizes): http://busybeetools.ca/cgi-bin/product10?&NMCLASS 184&NSBCLASS412&NETID36471230061284561
(6 pce.straight set): http://busybeetools.ca/cgi-bin/picture10?&NETID 36471230061284561&NTITEM=RCT922
(roundover- this is ONLY 4 pce) http://busybeetools.ca/cgi-bin/picture10?&NETID 36471230061284561&NTITEM=RCT915
beading and ogee. I don't see definitive sets here, but here's this main page: http://busybeetools.ca/cgi-bin/product10?&NMCLASS 184&NSBCLASS422&NETID36471230061284561
I have not put a lot of though into this. But its better than an all in one set as far as being a happy hobbier goes.
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