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for good service.
I'm about to make up some wood composite stuff. I beams if you want to know. Need to cover about 250 sq. ft.
Since they aren't going to be load bearing, but have some exposure to the elements, I figure I can use polyurethane glue.
But where to get enough PU glue to cover 250 sq. ft.??
So I call up Elmer Products since I noticed their glue in a store just yesterday.
After getting through their "Press 1 for ... Your call is important to us." I finally speak to an operator and ask for customer support.
She gives me an 800 number to call.
The 800 number turns out to be some sort of industrial support. Could I please call their retail support number.
I explain that this will be 3 calls and all I want to know is what the "coverage" is and where I can buy more than 2 ounces of the stuff.
The nice lady wishes me a good day and I try the third number.
The third number is another "Press 1 for..." mixed in with promo stuff about how great their products are.
By now I am rather pissed off so I give up and decide to call Lee Valley Tools in Toronto.
I bought my last batch of "Excel One" from them and I have been a customer for many years.
While I don't like the fact that they "track" customers, they always seem to provide knowledgeable service.
The lady on the phone asks me for my customer number. "Duh." Name? Postal code? What I want to know?...
I ask how many of her questions I'll need to answer before I can ask one of my own!
She puts me on to a helpful guy who can't really tell me what I need to know. OK. He's at least trying, so I thank him very much and call the company that makes Excel One.
The phone is answered by a REAL PERSON!
When I explain my problem she puts me on to Sammy.
Sammy turns out to be a woodworker who understands the product. I run my idea by him and we discuss everything from the coverage I'll need to the fact that you never have enough clamps in your shop. :-)
I need to check with "the boss" first, but I expect to be ordering the stuff from Sammy tomorrow.
And I can't tell you how great it feels to get what amounts to basic good service!
In case you are wondering, the coverage Sammy suggested was 1/2 oz. per sq. foot so I need about 125 ounces.
Usual disclaimer. But if anyone wants to buy their next lot of PU glue from Sammy (The AmBel Corporation), it's fine with me.
Buy my junk! http://www3.sympatico.ca/doc/robotone/for-sale.html
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Well thanks DOC! Many here have varied interests, especially when it comes to jobs done by hand. And it's always nice to have a review of a business or product because you never know when you'll be needing exactly that same product. Cheers, Eric
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