OT - Archeology

A class of budding young archeologists were being overseen by an experienced teacher,
They'd been working for a few weeks, and had found a proising site, with a lot of buildings. Including one they thought was some sort of temple. On the wall they found drawings of a halo, a fish, an eye, a donkey, and what was apparently a round vegetable of some sort.
The students were at odds on what these symbols meant. One thought that the halo meant that they were very religious. One thought the fish meant they most of their food from the sea. A third thought the eye meant they had good sight. Another thought the donkey meant they were herdsmen. And, the last thought the vegetable meant they were skilled farmers.
Their arguing brought the teacher over, and they asked him what he thought the pictures meant. He looked at them for a minute, then started laughing. "It's quite obvious", he said, "It's picture writing, not symbols, and what it says is, "Holy mackeral, look at the ass on that tomato"".
JOAT The Truth Shall Set Ye Fret
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