New shop

Well plans for one anyway.
Here's the deal. I have a garage, attached to that garage are 2 structures. I call them structures but in reality they're not much. One has half height flimsy walls with the rest of the wall screened in, the other has solid walls but a very low ceiling and a floor that is quickly giving ground to the local termite colony.
What I want to do is a complete teardown and build a new shop attached to the garage.
Unfortunately the costs of doing all of it at one time is prohibitive.
So my compromise is this, tear down the "structures" and have a foundation poured upon which I will eventually build the shop. In the short term build some weather resistant cabinets to store my various tools. Build a sort of a ramada type of roof over the foundation. This would allow us to use the foundation as a patio area and as a work surface in the short term.I could then roll the tools out as needed to keep working while waiting to have enough cash to finish the buildout.
I live in Southern California so weather isn't really an issue. I hope to be able to get the complete shop built within a year or so. The cabinets will be as weather proof as I can reasonably make them, I can also use the garage for tool and stock storage as it has long since stopped being used to store cars.
I'd like to have as much done to the foundation as needed. So here's my questions.
Does this sound like a reasonable plan? I'd keep working in the old structures but they are literally falling down around me and the floor is impassable in places due to rot and those termites I mentioned.
What do I need to be concerned with with the foundation? I'd eventually like to have a wooden floor with DC ducting and some power running under it.
Is it ok to leave a foundation exposed and to use as I mentioned for that long? I know it's concrete but am I risking any thing by not covering it sooner?
What about electrical needs? I'm already planning on having an extra sub breaker box installed, any thoughts on how to get power to the slab in the meantime?
Reason I'm leaving the garage standing is cause it has a toilet and shower set up in the back, it needs a new roof and it needs some termite mitigation but I need to keep it standing.
Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.
John E.
-- John Emmons IBA
"when hatred calls with his package, refuse delivery..."
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