Miter gauge...

Swampbug wrote:

I know it's not exactly what you're looking for, but why not make a few sleds with the angles you need? I made a 22 1/2 degree sled large enough to accomodate a 30x24 inch piece of 8/4, and was able to use it accurately.
That's the plan that I used.
For me, half the thrill is building stuff to build stuff. I'm a jig junkie.
On that note, how many angles do we as woodworkers *need* on a regular basis? Of course, if you need a 41-degree angle, no miter sled is gonna help (unless you've made a 41-degree sled), but how often do you need a 41-degree angle?
BTW, you still living in S LA? Shoot me an email if so; I'd like to meet up.
-Phil Crow
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