Kitchen almost done

Well, I have been quiet for a while...Christmas was Busy...yep..for all us toymakers. But after the rust, came the lull...and boy, did we ever have a lull....coulda shot off a gun in my small shop and not have worried about hittin' anyone. However, using time wisely is something I have learned to do of late...(being 48 doesn't hurt either!)...I decided to finish the kitchen renovation I started 2, yes 2 years ago. It started with a new wood floor...I machined every square inch and laid it all myself....sanded and finished it too. Put up the new wainscoting and then stopped. Well, last week, I fixed the hole in the ceiling where the hot water heater used to be and then I got busy. Rewallpapered the whole kitchen and dining room. Well I couldn't stop there...I looked at the tired moldings (what there were of them) and decided that I'd make new ones... So I called the local yard and ordered some timber as we say here in New Zealand. Roughsawn to boot. I made the Dewalt 735ex (240 volt version) work like crazy...but I milled up some of the nicest molding and rosettes for all the windows and doors....
Now I look at it and smile..."I did it all myself!"
however,,God made the trees! Cheers John
Rose Cottage Woodworks
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