K&D Enterprises in Woodbridge, VA-- Best Avoided...

I've been wanting to post this for some time. A couple of years back I had problems with my Delta table saw after only a few uses. The motor crapped out. It was within warranty, so I looked up a repair shop on the Delta site and the nearest was K&D Enterprises, 1264 Easy Street, Woodbridge, Virginia. This was the closest--most warranty shops being in Maryland and I'm in Alexandria.
The first sign that I shouldn't be dropping off my saw for repair here was the absolute mess the shop was in. The shop literally looked like the inside of a dumpster with more broken and half worked on equipment laying around than I can describe. When I walked in, the owner, a shady looking character, was arguing with a customer (that may very well have been a homeless man) over payment. Despite my misgivings, I went ahead and dropped it off, after all, it was a "Delta Authorized" shop. Well, four months and about 20 phone calls later I finally got my saw back. All kinds of excuses were thrown about. One time it was that the wrong motor was sent. Most of the time he blamed Delta for not shipping it. This was a current market product and the motor should have been easily available. Good thing I didn't need the saw, I rarely use it, but do need it when I do. In the end, I suspected he was unwilling to release it until he was reimbursed by Delta. Sure sign of a crook--he thinks everyone else is.
But that wasn't the end of it. The motor was securely and properly attached, but the blade was not aligned at all. No big deal, but just plain sloppy. Also, the table top is brushed aluminum and it was apparently used to store batteries during the four months I did not have it, as there were splotches of corrosion where battery acid had fallen on it. The saw was only 3 months old when I dropped it off.
Now I see that this shop is no longer listed on the Delta site, but I thought I'd warn others. I don't even know if they are still in business, as I never go by that area. Heed my advice and stay away from this "shop."
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