It's all ball bearings. (sorta OT)

I've come into a number of ball bearings and I'm open to suggestions for pr
ojects in which to use them. They are "SKF 6304 2RSJEM Radial/Deep Groove
Ball Bearing - Round Bore, 20 mm ID, 52 mm OD, 15 mm Width, Double Sealed,
C3 Internal Clearance." I got them from a shuttered company that used to re
pair grinder pumps.
Maybe make some massive fidget spinners?...
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Jay Pique
How about some parallelogram linkages? The familiar parallel-ruler linkage using four pivots can be tensioned with a bungee to make a fine featherboard, or for a tablesaw's ripfeed holddown or with a more robust screw tensioner, a variety of clamps (like bench holddowns or vise-like holders).
How about a false-face for a vise jaw, that swivels? One that swivels horizontally, another that does vertical. Add a V-groove, the vise could clamp tapered legs.
The woodwork item known as a twin-screw vise (for holding a board vertically) can be done with screws, or a wedge (across) but also with a scissor-jack linkage. I like this with a router-friendly table on top, for making sliding dovetail board ends.
The larger bearings, of course, could be used for a lathe spindle; old lathes were just a pair of points hammered into a log, you can improve on that with a suitable heavy timber for a lathe bed, and a motor surplussed from... a whatever. So, one of your points ROTATES.
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